BeakBox - Standard
BeakBox - Standard
BeakBox - Standard
BeakBox - Standard
BeakBox - Standard

BeakBox - Standard

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BeakBox is an interactive musical bird toy that has been designed as a fun source of cognitive stimulation for your bird. The concept is easy - the strong stainless steel lever activates music every time your bird presses or pulls it and the compact integrated speaker plays tunes you've uploaded onto your BeakBox.

Please note: All wood is genuine and has natural variation. It may vary slightly from the image pictured.

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Alister G.
New Zealand New Zealand
Chilli Entertained by Beakbox

Chilli my African Grey found the beakbox great, he triggers it to entertain himself, and waits for a response from someone (good boy), this has stopped the periodic squawking (he didn't do it a lot, but hardly does it anymore now). We have only just started adding in extra songs/saying we want him to say after waiting to see how he reacted to it initially! he's picked up the chirping from it loves that sound!

Matthew R.
United States United States
Skittish bird loves music

My bird really enjoys listening to music, so this was a match made in heaven. I worked with her for a bit when it first arrived, then set it up in her cage. I worked with her for a bit more the next day trying to incentivize her to interact with it. By the next morning she apparently has figured it out. I’d say my only real complaint is that it can only really be installed on vertical bars, and that’s only because it limited my options with its placement. A second set of bolt holes to the left and right of the lever could work, At least on cages where the horizontal spacing is wide enough for the lever... either way kii kie seems to be enjoying it and that’s really all that matters.

LIsa G.
New Zealand New Zealand
Such a cool Toy

HI, I have not had my beak box long so Nahla (CAG) is slowly getting use to it being a part of her cage. I put treats on it and she is now going over to it to get them. It will take her a little time to get use to it because that is her nature. Its such a cool toy. I have uploaded my voice and a few short children's songs. So easy to use. Whenever she is in her cage (or out of it) and i go past i flick the lever for her to listen. Really cool!

Kathy A.
New Zealand New Zealand

It only took my two cockatiels a day or two to figure out the beakbox. So great to have another way to keep them occupied when we’re out!

Hannah a.
Great for in-cage training & communicating with me!

Saro can be a little bit of a wildcard with guests, so we like to have people who are just getting to know her train her while she's in the cage until they've established trust and she's accepted them into the flock. I trained her to turn on the BeakBox for a reward, and it's a favorite activity with visitors to have them train her using the BeakBox! Once we started to self-isolate during the pandemic and were home more often, the BeakBox became a way for her to communicate with us without having to scream. When she wants her cage opened up or to start a training session, she'll start a song and I'll come over to give her a little bit of attention. It's a much more pleasant way of her communicating her needs than yelling for us!