BeakBox for Medium Birds
BeakBox for Medium Birds
BeakBox for Medium Birds
BeakBox for Medium Birds
BeakBox for Medium Birds
BeakBox for Medium Birds
BeakBox for Medium Birds

BeakBox for Medium Birds

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BeakBox is an interactive music parrot toy for pet bird enrichment and entertainment. Upload your flock's favorite tunes and let your feathered friends play and choose music for themselves.

Perfect for medium-sized parrots like Indian Ringnecks, Conures, Caiques, Green-Cheeked Parakeets, Small Cockatoos (e.g., Galahs), Rainbow Lorikeets, Alexandrines.


  • Press lever to play or skip songs
  • Speaker and volume controls
  • Customisable playlist
  • Extra durable
  • 100% bird-safe materials

Please note. The wooden part of the BeakBox is designed for humans, not birds. It is delicate and fragile, please don't let your birds get near it. All wood is genuine and has natural variation. It may vary slightly from the image pictured. To upload music to the microSD card, you'll need a device (e.g., laptop, PC, etc.) with a card slot.

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David K.
United States United States

This is our second one.

It took quite a while before our birds figured out how to actuate the firs beakbox, but we now have two: one for music and one for birdsong.



Thank you! Great to know that you and your flock have been loving the BeakBox. ☺️

Paul G.
United States United States

Really neat

So far, so good… It randomly turns on occasionally, I didn’t know that and my bird’s favorite song is ghostbusters… so I put just that song on it for training… in the middle of the night, “Ghostbusters “ coming on is hilariously spooky. I did the wifi setup but no idea why… haven’t found an app or something for it yet



Hi Paul. Thanks for your feedback. We do not have an app at the moment, but connecting your BeakBox to the Wi-Fi allows you to update your BeakBox whenever we add new features to it. It will work fine without connecting it to the Wi-Fi though.

United States United States

Love it!

My Parrotlet absolutely LOVED the beak box from the second I connected it! The only problem…he is too small to activate it. Of course, that was confusing for him. I even tried to have a toy from it, to add some weight, but he’s so minute, it didn’t help. I am eagerly awaiting the Beak Box Mini!!!!!



Hi Erin, thanks for your feedback. We hope to re-stock Minis at some point so stay tuned.

Elizabeth K.
United States United States

Not working

We have been in touch since the first day it arrived and didn't work. At this point we just want another one. We have done step after step to try and fix it but its not getting fixed.

United States United States

A new way to have fun!

The beakbox has been so fun to introduce our bird to. Its such a different type of toy for her to be able to activate and play with. We have it near one of her favorite foraging toys and its fun to see her start some jams and then go back to foraging.



Thank you for your feedback, Julia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BeakBox a good fit for my bird?

We've seen parrots of all ages, sizes, and species enjoy the BeakBox. We find that parrots who take to the BeakBox most easily have two things in common: they love music and are open to new experiences!

Is BeakBox safe for my bird?

Safety is our top priority. We do not use any toxic materials — no paints, dye, lead, or zinc. BeakBoxes also don't have any ropes, strings, or other materials that may cause strangulation or entanglement. We also keep all the "human" controls out of your bird's reach behind strong stainless steel plating (BeakBox Medium and Large) or plant-based plastic plating (BeakBox Mini).

What materials do you use?

We use only 100% bird-safe materials to make our parrot toys: New Zealand Grown Pinus Radiata (pine) and stainless steel for BeakBox Medium and Large, and plant-based, biodegradable, BPA-free plastic for BeakBox Mini.

Have more questions about the BeakBox? Check our FAQs or flick us an email at 💛